Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My very strange dreams from last night which I have struggled to remember.

I was walking through a shopping centre where I live, which is a bit desolate now, wearing a gold jacket, and it fell on the ground and some man took it, so I went back to take it off him and he started chasing me for it, so I ran everywhere, and hid behind a van and got some woman to distract him with her sexy woman curves, then I ran some more, and ran into his family who started trying to catch me, so I broke into a house and explained carefully to the owners and they were fine with it, and then I ran into the mans mother and when I said it was my jacket she was like "oh ok then"
somewhere in all that I passed some girl I knew but I don't really know, if you get me? kissing some boy and I said well, and asked if I could borrow her jumper later because my jacket was stolen and she said ok. It was a boys black and green weird hoodie..

I was in a shower with Anais Mitchell

and I was at a gig in this venue where I live, in town, and the back end of the building was infact this massive alley/corridor thing, and this guy I kissed once was wearing this awful jacket he has and we were laughing at him.. there was more to that but I can't remember..

I was playing football in what looked like a giant school sports hall but the walls were grey and the ground was sort of like a raised platform, and I was playing football with 2 boys I know, but with a tennis ball instead, and it turned out the tennis ball was poisoned or something and it killed/seriously injured the goalee, and then it flashed to this troubled looking punky angsty teen who was being questioned by mac and the curly woman from CSI NY the boy said he liked playing bad cop, which is why he left clues or something like that. And the cell he wanted to be in was one that all these famous killers had been in, called like a41 or something, and then it went to this flashback of one of the killers who was "the original hitler" or something, and it was all these cute 50's people (but they were weird cartoons) sailing in canoos across an ocean to get to this lovely holiday resort island, and then when they crossed the border into the waters of this island it was all stormy and it was actually the most awful island ever, and the only food were the pies from Sweeney Todd, and just other awful food in general and they were all treated badly..

and then I woke up, and I don't know what happened next.
These were all intertwined somewhat, I just can't remember how..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sun Sun Sun

You have such little eyes,
and I such little nails

I miss Mollieeeee.
And I feel sad but happy at the same time.
Only sad now but happy tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Counting time wasted.

I think I'd die if you knew.
It would be secretly lovely but we don't live in the lovely mind movies in my head and I would just look strange.
Its funny you never knew.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I think I wrote a song, with actual chords and stuff.

It just came out, like word vomit.

Do you believe that theres treasures in the ocean?

that big old smile is all you wore.
One kiss from you, and I'm drunk up on your potion.
did I say I'm just a boy..
you can hold me to that