Monday, August 17, 2009


i need to blog

its like an addiction at this stage

so that was a slightly pointless convo.

my head is full of what ifs about the future, food, calories, etc..

idk if how i think about food is healthy or not

starving yourself isnt smart, because then your body thinks that it has to store food and store fat from whatever you eat, and it'll absorbe all the fat from what you eat, which is a bad idea if you slip up and have a huge big mac or something

eat little, and often, lots of chicken would be good cuz its lean meat, full of protein and low in fat.
whole grain carbs, try not eat carbs after 6..

lots of water.

i know all these rules but i rarely follow them, i try, but i wish i didnt have to think so much about what i eat, you have to think so much about everything these days, and i'm scared about college and the future cuz i mean, its all on you, complete independence, and id say i have choices made for me that i don't even know about and then i'll have to make those choices


guys are the last thing on my mind right now.
for once.

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Orla said...

fuck the r00lz smalex
have some fun.