Saturday, August 22, 2009

Everyones getting makes it easier to tell stories without outing people.

so things have been a bit upity lately

Fizz Bitch is back, but not for long.
and i saw Gurlfraaaand today and i was dead happy, she bought shoes that smelled of blueberries, they were vivienne westwood, they were the last pair and only 15 yoros, so she was mad happy and a bit giddy all day

theres gonna be camping on monday, but i've heard we're meant to say its on tuesday so all the 12 year old wemos and other fuckers don't turn up and ruin our fun.

and i'm gonna kick it with Romeo and Turkish Delight.
and we'll be really really drunk, hopefully this time some slutty ho-bag won't steal my alcohol.

i hope Battery Acid will be dry and stay home.


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