Friday, August 28, 2009

i'm in a really good mood right now and i've been in a fabulas mood all day but i feel like a tinsy bit of a bitch, and i'm going to because i CAN.

i hate people that try to be things they arent, and even small things, or people that lie about themselves just to keep an image, like, people that talk about how much of a crazy time they have when they go out but only have one funny story to back it up, stuff like that, i'm like, "why the fuck would you bother?"

people will just think you are a GOBSHITE.

from now on i will always have something about me that stands out.
no more ms. wallpaper.

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Tuesday Kid said...

Have you ever read I've ran into some people who only have stories from here, that they try to pass off as their own. Give it a read.