Friday, August 14, 2009

People Watching.

I've written on my other blog too often lately, the one people actually see, and as far as i know nobody knows about this one.

Or maybe they do and they just wont tell me cuz they enjoy seeing my more honest posts?

Carpo knows about this one.

i love life changing interactions with strangers. where you kind of have a weird eyes-meeting moment, or whenever you're walking past or in a bus passing by somebody and you notice something, and it could make you smile or laugh or take a second look, but that person has had an impact on your life and they'll never even know it, one occasion when that happened i ended up knowing the person.knowing them well. :)

But its those moments where i bet half the people in the world meet their one and only.

and its kind of sad that a lot of the time people dont even count these moments, i think everybody should write down when these moments happen.

i think i'll copy paste this onto my other blog in a day or two cuz i think this is quite an interesting post.

and theres those people, that you've always noticed, and you've wondered what its like being them?
or maybe thats just me.
but you look at them and think, "i wonder what you're going to do when you go home tonight, do you have a ritual of making tea and then sitting down? do you even drink tea? coffee,maybe?" and half the time i'll bet you'll never know, but at the same time its kind of nice to have an idea of a person even if you don't know them, and if you never know them at least you'll always have a really nice idea of that person and to you they'll always be nice.

And they'll probably never know it.

And then I think, i wonder what my life looks like through other peoples eyes?
Do they even wonder?
Or do they think about people that seem more interesting, or is there somebody out there that thinks my life is something worth wondering about? and its times like those i wish i was a bit more interesting and quirky so that if somebody did wonder, or if somebody was ever walking past me and i didnt notice, I'd make some effect on them, and if I did I'd really like to know that person.

But i wouldnt want to ruin the nice idea.


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