Friday, September 4, 2009


hello tuesday kid.

i'm not meant to have followers on this.

but anyways, i went to da cineema wit romeo and turkish delight and saw inglorious basterds, lots of nazis, lots of english subtitles, lots of killing.
all in all tres tres bien.

i'm sitting in a bathrobe atm, with tea and toast, actually i havent made the tea yet.
dyou know that boiling a kettle wastes lots and lots of electricity?
would it be more efficient to just use a pot an stick it on the stove?
i had to do that once when the power went out and i wanted a cuppa, it was kinda fun
more fun then just flicking the little switch.

x x

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Tuesday Kid said...

Sorry about that, I linked it because I like it. If you want me to delete the link leave a reply telling me to do so.

I really like this blog though, it'd be a shame for other people not to read it.