Sunday, September 6, 2009

Be a better person.

ok, the problems i'm going to fix are:

1.Stop caring about people i dont like.
i have a terrible problem of fixating on people i dont like, well, sometimes, if i really really don't like somebody and everything they do gets really under my skin, i let it, i cant just ignore them. from now on, i will try to be more relaxed and not care.

2.keep the healthy thing going
cuz it was going so well in the its fucked up a bit. but nevertheless, i will try to persevere, and buy those weird fat burning things Crack Whore got in holland and barret.

3.Stop watching movies with really hot geeky guys in them.
because no geeks are like that and its giving me false hope.

4.Really try at 5th year.
so i probably shouldnt be writing this and doing my homework but whatevz.

5. Really really try at the portfolio.
i belong in NCAD.

6. Become a better judge of charachter.
many of my friends have been selfish and only wanted me when they needed me, and i have a bad problem with talking to people who are really psycho but i cant tell until someone points it out.

1 comment:

Orla said...

haha we do seem to attract the oddballs now don't we?
ALSO, yeah ya do belong in NCAD and it's all good, I can help you with that because I'm class and my course fits in with the NCAD portfolio requirments. :D