Sunday, September 20, 2009

day 1.

ok, so its the first day :D

and so far i've had..

1 bit of garlic bread (my one bad thing today)

prawn stirfry! it was so yum :)
didnt have much but it really filled me up, and i think the packet of noodles said low fat?

and for breakfast..i had tea and something else..
i think
i actually cant remember if i had breakfast.
i dont usually eat breakfast on weekends anyways, i'm never hungry when i get up!

and i've already had my 2 tab things.

the thing also said i should avoid eating 3-4 hours before bed, which is kinda common knowledge but anyways. and it says in bold capitals DO NOT TAKE BEFORE GOING TO BED. so i better not :L

fingers crossed!


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