Saturday, September 12, 2009

i think its funny. its not meant to be a good poem. x

i've come to wonder why the only one i trust
has a hard drive for a soul, and does virus scans for fun

and i wish i had a reason, just to smile and say hello
but i dont think i'm a person that you'd ever want to know

you fit exactly right, from head to hips to feet
and i think that its a shame that we'll never really meet.

If only it wasnt for those pesky several years
i'd tell you all my hopes, and tell you all my fears

because i think we'd click so well, and stick like no more nails
but your smart and artsy cool, and i'm an epic fail.

we could sit and talk and laugh, and have superior taste
while everyone around us is of a simply lesser race

and although i'm young and simple, and hopelessly uncool
i cant help but think, i'd be cool if i was with you.

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