Wednesday, September 30, 2009

yo new follower

i wish i had a house boat
to sail away for days
and nobody would know
because i would never say

i wish i had a house boat
so i wouldnt have no bills
and all id have to worry for
is following the wind

if i had a house boat,
id make tea out of a jug
that id heat up on a flame
and i'd make you your own mug

we'd go sailing, in the deep blue sea
to see what we could, see see see
but i just hope when we sail back home,
you'll keep all of our memories and never let them go

if i had a house boat,
i'd move from place to place
i'd write down every name,
and remember every face

someday i'll have a house boat
i'll take you on a trip
i'll need no tap for water,
so my tap will never drip.


PattyPat said...

I don't remember getting a poem :(

becca (L) said...