Thursday, October 29, 2009

new layout! and a little favour i'd like to ask all 9 of you.

for some reason i have a very limited ammount of things available for posting on this blog.

like changing font sizes and colours, oh well...
new layout! :)
i'm loving the legs.

as a little favour..
i'd love to know what all 9 of you think of my other blog!
is theres any difference between them or whatevz.


do give feedback lovely people.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i think i may have lost my Tea Mojo

what do you think about internet "famous" people?

i used to love my tea.

now, not so much.

i should be learning Gaeilge and biology but im just.not.bothered.

and i've a double free before biology tomorrow so..(Y)

i think i've found my way to make music, and if it works out i will be tres content.

i think i'm going through my Veronicas stage again.
them and their infectious melodies, its hard NOT to like.

i think i should broaden my horizons, and make more friends.

starting with certain people.


Monday, October 12, 2009

sup new follower.

i've begun to collect a rather nice we fan base here.

although tbh i started using the other blog first.
you's should read it and tell me which one is better.

i am sick.

dry cough.
phlegmy cough.
fuzzy head.
stiff joints.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

S and M.

awh jesus

tbh bbz i am over it i think

but at the same time still hurts a tad

and idk if it was him or you but like...
its not even just me.
just one day you dissappeared and never came back, and although i miss you i dont think i want to let someone be that close to me only to have them walk in and out like it doesnt bother them at all.

and i know that might just be who you are and you can't change that and i'm not saying its bad..

and you might come back..

but if you did idk if i could just invite you back, because on the one hand..well a month or two ago i wouldve, without any questions.
but i can't just flip to and fro that easily. even if its just you. i dont know if i should be there for somebody, and need them there for me, if its something they can toss away that easily.

and i thought we were almost indestructable,and i was always there if you ever needed me.
i sound like an awful drama queen..
although while i'm writing this its meant to be a much more "it sucks a bit but whatevz bbz" tone

but you'll probably never know about this.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

top up

bbz's i probably shouldnt be online right now

i've a ginormous irish t est today and i've to leave in 15 minutes.

the slut from outer space is being so annoying
even if im not even talking to her
because its not like i ever do...
but whatevz.
her EXISTENCE hurts my soul.

i have no socks to ut over my tights so my legs are gonna be absolutely fuckin freeeeeeeeezing ><


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Listen Dear.

no bbz, no news on the boys front.

because none are around to want me and i dont want any of them..
apart from the more "together" and well dressed ones that are in like, their 20's.

and i know its dead annoying when girls complain about guys on their blogs but like...
i just feel like it.

because on the one hand i suppose its extremely idealistic to want to wait for the right person and not just settle for somebody because the chances of the right person coming along are slim..
but id like to actually LIKE the person.


im just always dissappointed.