Thursday, October 29, 2009

new layout! and a little favour i'd like to ask all 9 of you.

for some reason i have a very limited ammount of things available for posting on this blog.

like changing font sizes and colours, oh well...
new layout! :)
i'm loving the legs.

as a little favour..
i'd love to know what all 9 of you think of my other blog!
is theres any difference between them or whatevz.


do give feedback lovely people.



the broken down barman said...

just wanted to say hi!! not really been readin your blog, or anyones as a matter of fact. i tend to go through blogging binges. will catch up on this and your other blog soon, honest!!
it normally starts with a barrage of posts then a few weeks of comments!! you have been warned!!

Tuesday Kid said...

I've been checking out your other one too, rocking the pair of them. Keep up the cool blogs.