Thursday, October 8, 2009

S and M.

awh jesus

tbh bbz i am over it i think

but at the same time still hurts a tad

and idk if it was him or you but like...
its not even just me.
just one day you dissappeared and never came back, and although i miss you i dont think i want to let someone be that close to me only to have them walk in and out like it doesnt bother them at all.

and i know that might just be who you are and you can't change that and i'm not saying its bad..

and you might come back..

but if you did idk if i could just invite you back, because on the one hand..well a month or two ago i wouldve, without any questions.
but i can't just flip to and fro that easily. even if its just you. i dont know if i should be there for somebody, and need them there for me, if its something they can toss away that easily.

and i thought we were almost indestructable,and i was always there if you ever needed me.
i sound like an awful drama queen..
although while i'm writing this its meant to be a much more "it sucks a bit but whatevz bbz" tone

but you'll probably never know about this.


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