Sunday, November 29, 2009

fate is trying to intervene.

i just discovered my camera only records for a minute at the most

and i cant find the memory card

this video will be harder to make then i thought...

cept i kinda wrote a song thing.

last night was fun :)
many things happened, i think things have been made better and bridges were built, and i got a kiss which is always grand.
and i've a big bruise on my knee from being thrown on the stage 3 times, and getting thrown up and down in the air.

some gay bitched stole my wine
not impressed.


Orla said...

I was sober this weekend...for the first time since the start of summer haha...I'll save my wine for some mid-week madness!
Sozzles for departing so early.
I wasn't having a good night :|

tommy vice said...

:D what's your song type thing about?