Monday, April 19, 2010

I didn't realise I had new followers

I may infact have just forgotten about them.

However! While i was visiting ones blogspot, (hello, notRuairi) I stumbled on another, A Chick Named Hermia
And I love love love it and I saw she had this huge list of things she wants to do and I've always meant to do that so, I'm ditching homework to make my list.Of things I want to achieve.


I'm going to use different font to distinguish properly.

1. Learn to cook, and hold a dinner party.

2. Go to a party where they have a photobooth.

3. Go to a burlesque show

4. Put on a burlesque performance.

5. Yell "Penis" in a park.

6. Run a kissing booth.

7. Road trip.

8. Interrailing.

9. Learn to speak French. Thats an important one!

10. Become a cool indie socialite for 5 minutes.

11. Live in a tree(house) for a while. At least a week.

12. Same with a cute trailer.

13. And a houseboat.

14. Have gappy legs.

15. Be a musician, for a little bit.

16. Write and direct either a short film or a full length feature.

17. Go to the cinema alone.

18. Go skinny dipping in somebody elses pool.

19. Flash oncoming cars. With a mask on of course.

20. Be in a flash mob.

21. Protest.

22. Get kissed on Valentines.

23. Go for a day out with a random stranger.

24. Tell every person I know exactly what I feel about them.

25. Throw a rave.In a warehouse.

26. Meet Matthew Gray Gubler, and Adam Brody.

27. Be a MILF.

28. Be a hot weather girl.

29. Be in a tabloid.

30. Write something.

31. Read some intelligent books.

32. Get on a bus and get off at a random stop.

33. Busk, or partake in some sort of street performance.

34. Design clothes. And be mentioned as one to watch at fashion week.

35. Be in the cool crowd.

36. Learn to knit.

37. Write letters to people.

38. Leave a note in a book, in a library, park bench, restaurant, or whatever.And include my email address.

39.  Sip coffee and talk about philosophy in Paris.

40. Go in search of a midnight kiss.

41. Learn to dance. Properly, like jazz dancing.

42. Invent an ice lolly, or ice cream.

43. Fly.

44. Go to a drive-in theatre.

45. Find sushi that I like, and eat it often.

46. Be in an episode of a csi/detective drama.

47. Be on a best dressed list.

48. Stay out all night.

49. Leave a disposable camera at a party, and see what pictures I get after.

50. Drink cocktails with Holden Caulfield.

I'll stop at 50 for today!


notRuairi said...

Ah, I like this list. Particularly the challenge that #50 presents.

I still haven't finished my own. It's hard to come up with 100 things you haven't done that you really want to do.

Orla said...

I also want to drink cocktails with Holden Caulfield....and now I want to make a list!

Graham said...

I like 24

Daigu said...

Take advantage of my welth of experience, won't you.

I went to a party with a photo booth. I looked drunk for five years.

I ran a kissing booth. There were a lot of refund claims.

I lived in a tree, for eight days once (the house was a shanty) and found out, that birds work hard and play hard.

I went to the cinema alone. I mean, there was no one else there. It was in the afternoon.

As for number 32, I overslept once. Does that count?

There are no cool crowds. There all hot and bothered.

I wrote something once. It nearly killed me. I still wear scars.

Staying out all night - when morning comes - is where all religion originates.

Holden Caulfield owes me money, and I slept with his wife; which makes us even, but uncomfortable.

Also: yell "penis" in a park, they come runnin'.

Some of the things I've learned. Unlearn them for me, will ya?